May 31, 2010

The Proposal

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Ok. Kat sini aku nak citer pasal camne my brother in law propose my sister. Damn so romantic & cute. hahaha. Ingat lagi masa aku kecik², my brother in law ni slalu sent a card to my sister. Biasa la time bercinta kan. Kat sampul surat tu mesti ada kartun. Superhero la biasanya. Batman la, Superman la. My brother in law lukis ok. Memang excited la kalau abang posmen datang umah sebab tak sabar nak tengok superhero apa kat envelop tu. Kakak aku & my brother in law sama tarikh lahir sama tahun. Bercinta dari sekolah. So sweet kan. Ok la. Enjoy the storybook. Kalau tak nampak, sila klik untuk enlarge.

My storybook. by: Cun (Cun is my brother in law nick name. Pronounce as Chun. His real name is Shamsul Anuar)

This book belong to Hijran (Hijran is my sister)

During one hot boring afternoon, i keep thinking about myself.
What had happened to me lately?

 i'm losing my appetite,
cannot take a sleep at night.

don't feel wet under the shower and i've started doing
crazy and...

stupid, stupid, stupid,

 and stupid things.
Do i look sick or may be ....
i'm poisoned.
i don't want to die yet before you answer me this question...

Dear An,
Will you marry me?


This book was lovingly conceived and delicately woven with warm and caring words. above all, this book was created specially with 100% tender loving care...with all my undying my one and only, an


miSs dee 4 dino said...

sukanya kak..cantik tul..suka2

efy said...

cayalah mamu cun!

Y I Y I said...


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